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I have heard it said that what you were doing at 10 years old indicates what you will enjoy doing for your entire life. Well, at 10 I was playing the piano, and building model cars. What do model cars have to do with pianos? I enjoyed working with my hands to build intricate little moving parts. Putting together a precision model suspension system for a 1/24 size Corvette (complete with springs and a steering tie-rod) is similar to putting together a piano action. Everything must be carefully adjusted for it to work correctly.
Between then and now I went down a few other roads before landing at piano tuning. I went to Miami University and have a degree in Physics. Then I did graduate work at Pennsylvania State University and completed a thesis on the subject of sound wave propogation. At the same time I was playing bass in a rock band, which may be the most fun I have ever had. 

I worked in research and engineering, most recently as a software engineer for a manufacturer of industrial equipment. It was a good job, but something told me that getting up to start work at 6:30am every day was just not right for me. Something told me to follow my bliss. So here I am doing what my 10-year-old self knew I should be doing. 

I graduated from the Randy Potter School of Piano Technology, the most highly regarded school of its kind, and have been continually learning since then; from PTG Convention classes, and from my colleagues here in Columbus who are generous with their time and knowledge.

I have also learned about tuning and servicing harpsichords and similar early keyboard instruments.  

In addition to playing and working on pianos, I continue to do software engineering as a consultant, sing with the First Congregational Church Choir, refinish furniture, garden,  yoga, read nerdy books, and even play the old bass once in a while.